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Hello! My name is Tony and this is my new blog. I decided to start this blog while I was in the hospital recovering from an operation I had to have to remove a tumour from my body. My story had started a few months beforehand when I developed a cough which I couldn't get rid of. I had some test and the doctors discovered I had a tumour in my chest. I will be the first to admit that I haven't been as good as I could have been in terms of looking after my own health. However, since being diagnosed, I have been learning all I can about how to stay healthy.


How to Recover from a Sports Injury with the Help of a Physiotherapist

18 January 2023
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Have you recently been injured while playing sports? Are you looking for the quickest and most effective way to recover? Well, physiotherapy might be the answer. This blog post explains how a physiotherapist can help you get back in the game and lead an active lifestyle. What is Physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is a great way to reduce or eliminate pain, speed up recovery from an injury, normalize movement and range of motion, and increase mobility. Read More …

An Overview Of 3 Main Types Of COVID-19 Vaccine

25 July 2022
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You may have heard or read snippets of information about the different types of COVID-19 vaccines that are currently available or are in development. If you've been on the fence about having your initial vaccination or a booster, you may find it useful to learn about the differences between the different types of vaccines. If you're more comfortable with one type over another, you may be able to request that type. Read More …

Tips to Regain Muscle Function Sooner After a Serious Injury

11 March 2022
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If you suffer a serious injury, physiotherapy may be the answer to regaining muscle function. A physiotherapist can help you with exercises that will improve your motor functions and help you get past your injury. With their help, you can slowly but surely regain the strength and range of motion you need to get back to your everyday life. Discover two major ways to get the best results from physiotherapy. Read More …

Three Questions You Should Ask Your Obstetrician Before Pregnancy

28 September 2021
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Obstetricians are an amazing resource for pregnant mothers, as they have helped countless women go through what can be a very traumatic event. They are at your beck and call virtually all the time, and many give out personal numbers and contact information so that they can help if you do have a pressing concern. However, it is easy to forget questions when you are first meeting your obstetrician and as your pregnancy progresses. Read More …

Prostate Removal: Four Fundamental Tips for Personal Care after Surgery

24 May 2021
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Prostate removal is an effective treatment approach for prostate cancer. The goal of the surgical process is to eliminate diseased tissues and limit the risk of cancer spread. Prostatectomy is not a complicated procedure, but some precautions are important for complete recovery. If your specialist has recommended prostate removal as part of your treatment plan, consider these basic guidelines for post-operative personal care. Consider Pain Medication The level of pain experienced by men after prostate removal varies. Read More …